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Adult Community Residential Rehabilitation


Home and Community Habilitation

Services to help people gain, maintain and improve skills that allow them to live and participate in their local community. Examples of habilitation include supporting someone to participate in a church activity, learning to cook safely, or learning to use public transportation independently. 

Home and Community Services

Direct service and services to meet regulatory requirements and/or contract conditions provided in home and community settings to assist individuals in acquiring, retaining and improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skills. For the most part, these services differ only with respect to setting or regulatory requirements. This service can only be provided when the county program determines it will prevent institutionalization. Modifiers are used to identify individual services and account for differences in service delivery regulations or methods specific to the service setting. Modifiers enable services to be enriched through lower staff to individual ratios and program content. Individuals and families have increased program options from which to choose and levels of service are available to appropriately address individuals' health and safety needs and/or to achieve the purpose of the provision of the service. 

*Adult Community Residential Rehabilitation Homes: This is the service that Heart II Heart provides. We service adults in community residences or homes with the intent to habilitate or improve their ability to function independently in least restrictive environment with our support. These homes are usually a 1-4 person home with one staff unless otherwise authorized for additional staffing.

*Respite Care: Supervision and support to a participant on a short-term basis due to the absence or need for relief of those persons normally providing care to the participant.  Community Residential homes may maintain separate homes or vacant rooms in occupied sites for respite care. Heart II Heart is certified and qualified to provide this service.

* Supplemental Habilitation:    This service provides additional staffing, more individualized staff support to Individuals living in a home environment.  It is only authorized to ensure the health and safety of the Individuals.  All community residential homes have a staff shared by all persons living in the home. When more supervision is required, the individual is authorized supplemental habilitation, which starts off as temporary, then transferred to longer term AIS (Additional Individualized Staffing).