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Apex Therapeutic Services, PLLC

Wellness Center at Jacksonville, NC  
Apex Therapeutic Services, PLLC operates Apex’s Mental Health Counseling & Wellness Center, located in Jacksonville, NC.   The Counseling & Wellness Center hosts and “houses” Apex’s mental health counseling practice as well as several other complimentary, holistic services and providers.  Apex routinely incorporates pet therapy, plant therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy, music therapy, art therapy, etc. into the counseling environment & process.   Apex’s psychologist, (who specializes in PTSD/TRAUMA/TBI), offers equine (horse) assisted therapy when possible and appropriate. The Center’s Massage Therapists offer various types of massages to include:  Swedish relaxation & therapeutic massages, etc.  to reduce stress and stress related pains & tension. All services can be accessed independently; they can also often be incorporated into your mental health treatment plan and covered under your insurance, at no cost to you. The Wellness Center is committed to addressing the needs of the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT in pursuit of overall balance, happiness & health! 

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