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Our Holistic Approach

Most of the Individuals that we serve require assistance due to disability, diagnosis or illness. We strive to meet the prescribed needs for these issues, but we do not FOCUS on them.  We believe people are “not their diagnosis”; It they people suffering or coping with a diagnosis. It is not WHO they are; it is WHAT they are dealing with. Heart II Heart is committed to treating the “person”; with respect, dignity and compassion.

We understand that everyone has a life story full of ups and downs and everything that makes them who they are and led them to where they are.  We believe that treating Individuals goes far beyond the “medical”; but includes the MIND, the BODY and the SPIRIT.

When all of those areas are tended and treated, individuals enjoy “peace”. When Individuals find peace, they are more easily able to maintain a positive attitude, motivation and experience a higher quality of life; no matter what they are suffering from.  We focus on expanding opportunities for Individuals to thrive with their families, relationships, the community and within their spirituality.

In line with that approach, H2H believes it takes balanced, healthy staff to provide the type of support, positivity, sincerity and compassion needed to truly make a difference in the lives of the Individuals we serve.  We strive to recruit Staff that share, understand and support our Holistic Approach to caring for others.

Heart II Heart, LLC is committed to expanding and improving the services that we provide. We encourage suggestions and feedback. We appreciate opportunities to explore information, resources and referrals.


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