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Our Philosophy

Heart II Heart’s mission is to assist people with disabilities to fully participate in their home and community environments.


We understand that Individuals come to us with unique experiences, interests, and preferences.  Our goal is to fully understand our Individuals and use this knowledge to guide, support, and motivate him or her.  We believe that a good home requires compassionate, skilled staff and collaboration with other supporting entities.  We encourage your suggestions and involvement at every level.  We appreciate this opportunity to help our Individuals experience positive, supportive relationships and a high quality of life. 

Our Mission

Heart II Heart provides support for adults with intellectual or physical disabilities. We also provide services to the elderly, ill, home-bound or others requiring assistance.  We assist Individuals with Activities of Daily Living, while teaching and practicing these skills with them in efforts to increase or maintain their independence and self-sufficiency. We provide supervision and ensure safety while in our care.

We strive to explore, connect and create opportunities for Individuals to participate in a wide array of community, volunteer and recreational activities. Our goal is to expand their life experiences, enhance their social skills and relationships by increasing their social contacts and interactions. We are committed to increasing their quality of life by helping them to engage in meaningful life experiences and relationships.

Thank you from HEART2HEART

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