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My name is Toni Duncan, I am the CEO/Owner of Heart II Heart, LLC (H2H). I am also the Director/Owner of Apex Therapeutic Services, in Jacksonville, NC that operates Apex’s Mental Health Counseling & Holistic Wellness Center. I am a Licensed Psychotherapist in both NC and HI and a Nationally Certified Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am also a trained Grief Recovery Specialist. I am a Veteran US Marine and an active Christian.

I am formerly from Pittsburgh, PA (before joining the military/USMC in 1999). All of my family still resides in Pittsburgh; thus, I travel between Pittsburgh, PA, and NC monthly.  I initiated the process to open H2H in 2012 and was approved to take Individuals into our 1st site in June 2014. We continue to expand our sites. We now have sites in Penn Hills, Verona, Sharpsburg, Crafton, and Carnegie. In the near future, we plan to open both a mobile therapy practice, transitional vocational program, and/or day program.  I intend to utilize my education, background, and strong drive/determination to continue to expand  H2H while maintaining high standards and quality services. 



Given the high level of hiring standards in place, H2H is very proud to know you are a very qualified candidate to be offered your new position.  Congratulations on your achievements as well.  You’ll find that we are very proud of what we do.  We sincerely hope you will quickly find this sense of pride contagious.

In whatever position you are initially joining us, we expect you to be curious, ask questions, learn all you can about how we operate, and why we do the things we do.  You should concentrate on getting good at what you do, and then do the most important thing you can for our department: figure out how to do it better!

 Once again, welcome aboard! We are pleased that you have joined us and look forward to a pleasant working relationship with you.  As with anyone starting a new job, we are sure you have many questions. Many of the details are included in our employee handbook.  You will also take part in an orientation session during your first day of work.  If you have any questions before your first day of work, please don’t hesitate to contact your immediate supervisor.

Heart2Heart: Adult Community Residential and Rehabilitation Services

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